Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stuff that's happening

  • Beautiful crisp frosts, but ever so cold
  • Broken car, but not the head gasket, so Millie survives to drive another day
  • Awesome car-lending D who caught the bus to work for 2 days so I could drive the kids to creche in comfort
  • Weird automatic car
  • Warm fire, Idiot's cookies and Battlestar Galactica
  • N feeding kids dinner on his nights now (an unexpected outcome of the Family Court counselling I believed was a waste of time)... and have used the time to go jogging twice (albeit in a pathetic staggering panting way)... 20 lamposts, then 26... in pairs with singles walked between... next week shooting for 30 in threes.
  • Soup with smoked chicken stock and barley, pulses and pumpkin in the slow cooker, then carrot matchsticks and brocolli and assorted leaves from the garden in at the end... good contrast between the soupy broth and crisp and fresh veges... and the kids liked it too!
  • Swimming with colleagues once or twice a fortnight
  • Working harder on looking professional for work and getting some positive comments
  • Haircut that I like
  • Emotions that crash on me unexpectedly if I stop concentrating on positive, leaving me in the toilet at work with my head in my hands
  • Weekly gaming keeping me sane... how do non-gamers escape?
  • Kids sleeping better, so I am too, and both abed by 7:30 tonight, so 2 hours + to myself when the chores were done!
  • Divorce goes uncontestable on Tuesday if N hasn't contested it yet, which I don't actually know. Still, it is done, and cannot be undone, just delayed...

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Giffy said...

Looking at the bullet points, seems like there are a lot more positives than there are negatives. Which is great.

Tuesday is our official moving day (although we should be all moved by then) and according to my Mum a "good" day to start something new, not because shortest day passed (something you pointed out) but because Monday night is the dark of the moon, so Tuesday it starts growing again.