Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crispy crunchy...

Glittering diamonds on the deck, silvery edges on leaves and petals of my incredible unseasonal anemones, sheets of silver grass and golden sunshine.

J's favourite "okay then, you can have one poem" at bedtime for the last week has been James K. Baxter's 'Jack Frost'... "Look out, look out, Jack Frost's about", but until this morning he really hasn't been...

Crispy crunch frosty days almost make me love winter!

[And I got my milestone report in with 3 hours to spare yesterday, in spite of T being sent home from creche on Friday, and after our talk on Thursday, a colleague commented that "When you got up, you were in your element weren't you?"... I was gob-smacked! From puking shaking wreck to (apparently) confident professional in only 15 years... I should write a self-help book!]

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