Thursday, February 5, 2009

T spoke sentences

"Apricot not yum".

"Out there blow... pffffffffffff" (He was telling me it was windy and I must have looked blank, so he blew to illustrate).

"Oooo look, Jessie... ball" (his friend had a balloon)

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Alistair said...

I am pretty sure sentences are supposed to have verbs, and, although the third contains a verb in an imperative form, it pretty much stands alone in that construct. Hence I'm not entirely sure that T has passed the Kiddie Turing Test.

Lets practice shall we:
- All art is quite useless
- Consciousness is a magic trick
- Ich bin ein Berliner

Can I request future blog posts on first uses of:
- adverb
- metaphor
- a logical fallacy in defense of bad behaviour.

Keep at it little T. :-)